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Simple Software
Software licensed under Creative Commons licence CC BY-SA 3.0 with attribution required. rev 2019.4.12.33308

Microsoft Access software
Microsoft Excel software

Netmail - Simple program for sending mail from a batch file
MySQL IsNull Function - When you are translating MSAccess JET SQL into MySQL syntax this function saves a translation to IFNULL
Serialize an object to XML in VB .NET - Write user preferences to a text file with ease
IconEditor - Free from Microsoft, an Icon Editor
A tree grows in BASIC - A piece of programming history
Copy and paste boilerplate text in java script
Shift Numbers in SQL Server using a CROSS JOIN
Hello World on a MacBook with OS X Yosemite
Using the dir and macid functions in Excel 2011 VBA
Black desktop background
Move email items to a target folder using Outlook VBA
Disqus Test Page
Android Torch App
My Old Geocities website
Asking a question on Stack Overflow
Getting started with Microsoft Outlook VBA - Hello World
Getting started with Microsoft Excel VBA - Hello World
VBA One Liners
My First Computer
The Northwind Products table as an HTML table
The Northwind Products table CSV file
T-SQL code to make Markdown table
Using the Roslyn C# compiler on Windows
Get Excel column name