Hello World on a MacBook

I was hoping to get into programming on the iPhone and bought myself an Apple MacBook for few hundred quid which is probaby the most I have ever paid for a computer (the first was an Amstrad so you can see the circles I move in!) Anyway I waited for one to come up on Amazon Warehouse deals for a few months and thankfully it was a reasonably good one - so not obsolete just yet.

I thought I would write a Hello World program for it and there are a few more languages available for the MacBook than I had heard of so it became a work in its own right.

Tip - Command - shift - 3 screenshots your Mac screen

BASIC This is where I started many years ago on PDP11 as I remember!

First of all there is Automator - Wikipedia says - "Automator is an application developed by Apple for OS X that implements point-and-click or drag and drop creation of workflows for automating repetitive tasks"

Apple Script



Perl is a widely used programming language developed by Larry Wall in the late 1980's. Since being originally written as a scripting language to assist in system administration tasks, it has taken off as a popular language for doing everything from low-level systems programming to website scripting. If you have ever thought about getting into programming on your Mac, Perl is a great place to start!

This link says that you can use Xcode as an IDE for perl on the Mac although it did not work for me. Watch this space as I may return to this later.

AppleScript Cocoa

There is very little I can say to improve on the excellent article linked to above. Here is the screenshot of the finished article.

GNU C and with Xcode


Actually this is one of the smoothest languages to get downloaded and working with two very functional editors. Unfortunately Apple have just (Jan 2015 OS X Yosemite) dropped it from support by the OS X app store because of the overhead of getting a Java VM of the right version in place to support any programs you may write.