General George Washington

We have just returned from a Tallett family reunion in upstate New York where our family is from. Our mother and our cousin have dug deep into our ancestry and have quite a bit of information. They have been looking for anything they can find to fill in the missing pieces. Our cousin is Denise Tallett Symonds. Our mother started the research many years ago.

Her research shows John Tallette born on 3/14/1761 to have been from Alsace and he fought as a Hessian soldier under Burgoyne around 1776/1777. There is a land purchase record from Blanford, Mass. in 1787. He purchased land in Columbus, NY in 1790 where he ran several mills. Residents of the area of Tallette, NY told stories of how John Tallette acquired his land with land coupons from General Washington even though he had fought as a Hessian soldier!

There is a Tallette family cemetery on Tallett Hill. This is located in a different area a distance from Tallette. Our Mother toured the property I believe in Tallette where John Tallete lived and found remnants of a mill pond and mill stones. The woman that lived on the property told her of a garden that had stone steps that were going to be removed. These stone steps turned out to be tombstones. No legible names to show who might have been buried there. Our mother had not found death or burial records for John or Obedience Tallette. There are several Tallette family members buried in the cemetery on Tallett Hill. Dudley Tallett son of John the Hessian soldier is buried next to a stone marked Father.

Our mother started a family tree many tears ago and I am trying to figure out how the decendants go. Our mother Carol Tallett is the daughter of Lewis Wesley and Myra Elizabeth Brown Tallett. Lewis Wesley Tallett is the son of George Dudley and Eva Claire Coleman Tallett. George Dudley Tallett is the son of Wells and Lucina Ferris Tallett. Wells Tallett is the son of Dudley and Anna Church Tallett. Dudley Tallett is the son of John and Obedience Tuttle Tallett.

Missy and Mindy

September 2012