National Grid Gas Distribution

Working for National Grid Gas distribution in Hinckley I fulfilled a BI Production role using Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Access 2010 and SAP BI, and developed vehicle availability, weekly trip and utilisation reports using Excel VBA to generate pivot table reports and bar charts. These fed through to a simple vehicle utilisation dashboard. I also supported the Keyhole and First Time Hit Rate projects which were aimed at improving the effectiveness of location and repair of uncontrolled gas escapes. For these projects I produced the base data for a suite of graphs and tables using SAP BI, SQL Server, Microsoft Access 2010, Microsoft Excel 2010. The basic data was produced using SAP BI and then supplemented using output from the SAP user interface to be combined in a large (2GB) MS Access database. I was able to improve the production and document the reporting process producing a detailed Standard Operating Procedure.

I also supported a complicated Excel tracker (10+ sheets) using Sharepoint and implemented several data entry forms with 20+ fields with validation. This was for the new technology Keyhole and Vac Ex projects. The user base for the trackers had a wide range of skill levels and was remote and geographically dispersed.