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Newton Regis Hearth Tax Return 1670

Example of a Hearth Tax Return
3 Hearths
Mr Thomas Johnson, clerk, Henry Woolly, John Jeffrey, Erasmus Alport, Thomas and Ellinor Spencer, William Princep
2 Hearths
Robert Spencer, George Newby, William Greenwood, Christopher Smith, Thomas Holding, William Hudd, John Hill, Simon Princep
Non Liable (1 Hearth)
John Spencer - 1 forge, William Taylor, William Wilson, Henry Broadhurst, Richard Broadhurst, Richard Corbett, John Page
1 Hearth
Thomas Princep, Oliver Walker, Thomas Boss, Henry Erpe, Widow Gordon + forge, Christopher Spencer, Robert Princep, Thomas Page, Thomas Taylor Jun, Richard Spencer Sen, Henry Beck, Widow Princep, Richard Cooper, Thomas Watson, John Princep, Thomas Asbury, Thomas Bosse

from Warwickshire County Records Vol 1, Hearth Tax Assessments, Hemlingford Hundred editor M. Walker, 1947, pp 10-14
Original research by Alan Roberts
Hearth Tax Returns Online
These three buildings were probably around in the 1670s and perhaps were those with more than one hearth. In timber frame buildings the brick chimneys were probably added later, in those days the hearth would be in the middle of the dwelling and the smoke from the fire would exit from a hole in the thatched roof.
Pool Cottage
Rose Cottage
The White House