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Martin Tallett - PCG Manifesto

I have 15 years experience as a Labour Party secretary (I have resigned this year, not because of IR35 but nobody believes me!) I have a good working relationship with my MP. Not only has IR35 attacked my means of earning a living but it has set me against the Government I helped to elect.

I am committed to making PCG Ltd work, as one of the UK's first all electronic organisations, using my knowledge of running a widely dispersed constituency organisation (North Warwickshire). I have also been a GeoCities Community Leader, part of an online help network.

I have been an agency contractor for 15 years mostly on VMS, Powerhouse and COBOL, but lately on Microsoft Access because I can work from home.

I am married with two children and although I have worked in France I have no plans to go offshore at the moment.

I was quoted by Patrick Jenkin in the Lords debate on the WRB. I believe the judicial review will rightly wipe the floor with the Government. This is my Yahoo! Profile. Thank you to everybody who seconded me.