VBA Code to log errors to a text file in an Access database

Private Sub Command32_Click()

 On Error GoTo Command32_Click_Error_Routine

 Dim sFilename As String
 sFilename = "U:\Data\err" & Format(Now(), "yyyymmddHHMMSS") & ".txt"

 MsgBox "Raise Error"
 Err.Raise 2424
' Should never get here
 MsgBox "!!!"

 Exit Sub

 Open sFilename For Output As #1
 Print #1, "Industrial Computer Contracts (West Midlands) - Error Log - 28th April 2012"
 Print #1, Now()
 Print #1, Me.Name
 Print #1, Err.Number
 Print #1, Err.Description
 Print #1, CurrentDb.Name
 Print #1, "**END**"
 Close #1
 Resume Command32_Click_Exit_Routine

End Sub