Daily Commuting Distance

What is daily commuting distance? The phrase is meaningless nowadays and the only realistic measure is daily commuting time. Google will tell you how long it will take to get from A to B but as anyone who has used a satnav will tell you it does not allow for delays at traffic lights and roundabouts and the inevitable road works.

In addition I now drive rather more defensively than when I was younger and aim to drive at less than the speed limits. After all it is illegal to drive at 71 mph on a motorway. So I aim to drive at 60 on motorways, 45 on 50 mph roads and 27 in a 30 limit.

In my early days as a contractor a commute of an hour each way would get me to most parts of Birmingham, Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and Coventry. Not so in 2015. As a general rule of thumb 50 minutes according to Google Maps is my limit with some locations and employers having specific problems such as the Jaguar Land Rover Park and Ride systems. Also, some parts of central Birmingham are now inaccessible to me at normal commuting times - 9am to 5pm

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