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Newton Regis Village 1881 Census Transcript

1. Jane P. Bowker, Daughter, 28, Bulwell, Nottinghamshire
Richard R. Bowker, Son, 20, Bay of Biscay, British Sub[ject]
Maria Bowker, Daughter, 18, Appleby Magna, Leicestershire
Alexander Davidson, Servant, 26, Surgeon, Scotland

2. George C. Feltche, 51, Rector of Newton Regis
Eliza Feltche, Wife, 57, Rectors Wife, Derbyshire
Sarah Farmer, Servant, 23, Cook, Domestic Servant, Kettlebrook, Staffordshire
Elizabeth Woodward, Servant, 21, General Servant, Domestic, Breedon, Leicestershire
Thomas Pope, Servant, 20, Groom, Domestic Servant, Shropshire

3. John Cope, Widow, 43, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Harry Cope, Son, 14, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Jessie Cope, Daughter, 12, Newton Regis
Mary Cope Daughter, 10, Scholar, Newton Regis
William Cope, Son, 8, Scholar, Newton Regis

4. Thomas Riley , 56, Wheelwright, Austrey
Mary Riley, Wife, 56, Newton Regis
Mary Riley Daughter 21, Schoolmistress Assistant, Newton Regis
Thomas Riley Son, 19, Wheelwright Apprentice, Newton Regis

5. Thomas Woolley, 51, Farmer, 316 Acres employing 8 Men & 3 Boys, Fazeley, Staffordshire
Sarah Woolley, 41, Farmer’s Wife, Kingsbury, Staffordshire
Thomas Woolley, Son, 13, Scholar, Elford, Staffordshire
Constance Woolley, Daughter, 10, Scholar, Elford, Staffordshire
Katherine Woolley, Daughter, 8, Scholar, Newton Regis
Agnes Woolley, Daughter, 6, Scholar, Newton Regis
Charles Woolley, Son, 5, Scholar, Newton Regis
Thomas Woolley, Father, Widow, 85, Income from Houses & Land, Barton, Staffordshire
Alice Cook Servant, 26, Governess (Domestic), Brocton, Shropshire
Lucy Cope, Servant, 17, General Servant, Newton Regis
Patrick Brian, Servant, 35, Agricultural Labourer, Ireland

6. Frances Iliffe, 54, Shepherd, Lutterworth
Mary Iliffe, Wife, Mercott, Rutland
Charles Iliffe, Son, 25, Agricultural Labourer, Lutterworth

7. William Groom, 46, National Schoolmaster, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire
Mary Groom, Wife, 39, Dressmaker, Newton Regis
Frederick W.H. Groom, Son, 10, Scholar, Newton Regis
Ethel F. Groom, Daughter, 2, Newton Regis

8. John Averill, Widow, 56, Farmer of 170 Acres, Employing 3 Men & 1 Boy, Fradley, Warwickshire
Elizabeth Bird, Cousin, 71, Housekeeper (Dom), London, Middlesex
Ann Mitchell, Servant, 19, General Servant, Wiggington, Staffordshire

9. William Baxter, 28, Butcher, Warton
John Baxter, Brother, 22, Butcher, Warton

10. Joseph Shakespeare, 71, Baker & Grocer, Stockport, Cheshire
Hannah Shakespeare, Wife, 76, Brailsford, Derbyshire
Mary A. Shakespeare, Daughter, 38, Assistant Baker & Grocer, Newton Regis

11. William Lees, 55, Carpenter & Joiner, Newton Regis
Mary Lees, Wife, 52, Carpenters Wife, Lullington, Derbyshire

12. Samuel Shakespeare, 44, Butcher & General Dealer, Shuttington
Sarah Shakespeare, 38, Butchers Wife, Polesworth
Clara E. Shakespeare, Daughter, 12, Scholar, Newton Regis
Fanny Shakespeare, Daughter, 10, Scholar, Newton Regis
Thomas W. Shakespeare, Son, 8, Scholar, Newton Regis
Samuel Shakespeare, Son, 6, Scholar, Newton Regis
Constance Shakespeare, Daughter, 2, Newton Regis
Harriet Shakespeare, Daughter, Newton Regis

13. William Hames, 59, Carpenter, Newton Regis
Harriet Hames, Wife, 61, Newton Regis
John Hames, Son, 28, Carpenter, Newton Regis
Thomas Hames, Son, 21, Carpenter, Newton Regis

14. Daniel Harrison, Widow, 68, Tailor & Postmaster, Shenstone, Staffordshire
Alfred Harrison, Son, 36, Tailor & Postmaster, Newton Regis
Jane Harrison, Daughter, 32, Housekeeper, Newton Regis
Charles M. Harrison, Grandson, 4, Scholar, Little Hay, Staffordshire

15. George Shaw , Widow, 55, Plumber, Longdon, Staffordshire
Harriet Shaw, Daughter, 26, Newton Regis
Elizabeth Shaw, Daughter, 19, Newton Regis

16. John A. Woolley, 55, Retired Schoolmaster, Barton Under Needlewood, Staffordshire
Mary Woolley, Wife, 50, Occupied Domestically, Carlisle, Cumberland

17. Sarah Bradford, Windower, 52, Charwoman, Nether Whitacre, Warwickshire
Selina Bradford, Daughter, 12, Scholar, Newton Regis

18. William Quinby, 28, Agricultural Labourer, Warton
Emma Quinby, Wife, 29, Newton Regis
Sarah A. Quinby, Daughter, 7, Scholar, Newton Regis
William Quinby, Son, 5, Scholar, Newton Regis
Agnes Quinby, Daughter, 1, Newton Regis

19. Joseph Plant, 72, Agricultural Labourer, Appleby Magna
Ann Plant, Wife, 72, Netherseal, Derbyshire

20. William Thompson, 59, Agricultural Labourer (Not Able To Work Now), Polesworth
Jane Thompson, Wife, 55, Polesworth
William Thompson, Son, 22, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Edmond Thompson, Son, 20, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Charlotte Thompson, Daughter, 16, General Servant, Newton Regis

21. Harriet Redfern, Windower, 42, Charwoman & Field Work, Newton Regis
George Redfern, Son, 10, Scholar, Newton Regis

22. George Frisby, 52, Agricultural Labourer, Wysall, Nottinghamshire
Elizabeth Frisby, Wife, 45, Field Work, Great Haywood, Staffordshire
Annie Frisby, Daughter, 20, Schoolmistress, Statfold, Staffordshire

23. Henry Jackson, 34, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Fanny Jackson, Wife, 35, Polesworth
William Jackson, Son, 12, Agricultural Worker, Newton Solney, Warwickshire
Jessie Jackson, Daughter, 11, Scholar, Burton On Trent, Staffordshire
Rhoda Jackson, Daughter, 9, Scholar, Handsworth Warwickshire
Harry Jackson, Son, 7, Handsworth, Warwickshire
Lizzie Jackson, Daughter, 4, Scholar, West Bromwich, Staffordshire
Edward Jackson, Son, 2, Newton Regis

24. Joseph Perry, 56, Agricultural Labourer, Shuttington
Mary A. Perry, Wife, 55, Polesworth
Charlotte Perry, Daughter, Shuttington

25. Charles Glover, 48, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis

26. George Stretton, Widow, 83, Income from Cottages, Newton Regis

27. Ann King, Windower, 62, Any, Newton Regis
Alfred King, Son, 22, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis

28. Louisa Bates, Windower, 82, (Pauper) Tamworth, Staffordshire
Edward Oliver , Lodger, 48, Cord Wainer, Dudley, Worcestershire

29. Joseph Orton, 35, Agricultural Labourer, Polesworth
Hannah Orton, 30, Field Work, Newton Regis
Sarah A. Orton, Daughter, 13, Newton Regis

30. Thomas Pegg, 63, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Mary Pegg, Wife, 56, Nomans Heath
Mary E. Pegg, Daughter, 21, Newton Regis
Elizabeth J. Wayle, Visitor, 19, Upton, Derbyshire

31. Henry Warren, 50, Farmer 10 Ct Self & Son (Cottage), Marston, Warwickshire
Rebecca Warren, Wife, 42, Willoughby, Warwickshire
William Warren, Son, 14, Agricultural Labourer, Longford, Ireland
Florence Warren, Daughter, 11, Scholar, Gopsall, Leicestershire
Jane Warren, Daughter, 8, Scholar, Shakerstone, Leicestershire
John Warren, Son, 5, Scholar, Chilcote, Derbyshire
James Warren, Son, 3, Chilcote, Derbyshire
Charlotte Warren, Daughter, 2, Chilcote, Derbyshire

32. William Cope, Widow, 68, Tailor, Newton Regis
Henry Cope, Son, 38, Tailor, Newton Regis
Mary Cope, Daughter, 21, Housekeeper (D Mak), Newton Regis
Thomas Liggins, Grandson, 16, Tailor (Apprentice), Bulkington, Warwickshire

33. Henry Marshall, 29, Blacksmith, Norton, Leicestershire
Ann Marshall, Wife, 35, Nailstone, Leicestershire

Charles Shilcock, Stepson, 11, Scholar, Newton Regis
Harry Shilcock, Stepson, 9, Scholar, Newton Regis
Annie Shilcock, Step Daughter, 7, Scholar, Newton Regis

34. Sarah Gilbert, Windower, 63, Seamstress, Newton Regis

35. Charles J. Swann, 25, Farmer, 342 Acres 9 Men & 3 Boys, Odstone
Fannie Swann, 23, Farmers Wife, Shakerstone, Leicestershire
Frances M. Swann, Daughter, 1, Shakerstone, Leicestershire
Sarah A. Colclough, 21, General Servant, Kidsgrove, Staffordshire
Elizabeth Weston, 23 General Servant, Shakerstone, Leicestershire
Samuel Morton, Servant, 23, Agricultural Labourer, Barnacle, Warwickshire
William Marshall, Servant, 28, Groom (Farmers Dom), Newton Regis

36. Robert Hurst, 42, Gardener, (D) Leckhampstead, Buckinghamshire
Elizabeth Hurst, Wife, 45, Dressmaker, Water Stratford, Buckinghamshire
Jane Paragreen, Niece, 11, Scholar, Farthinghoe, Oxfordshire

37. William Glassey, 68, Sawyer, Prees, Shropshire
Lucy Glassey, Wife, 54, Laundress, Lichfield, Staffordshire
Susanna Glassey, Daughter, 21, Governess, Village School, Newton Regis
William Glassey, Son, 18, Groom (D), Newton Regis

38. John Webster, 38, Bricklayer, Austrey
Sarah B. Webster, Wife, 31, Newton Regis
William T. Webster, Son, 8, Scholar, Newton Regis
John H. Webster, Son, 4, Newton Regis

39. Thomas Passam, 63, Gardener, Austrey
Mary Passam, Wife, 59, Tamworth, Warwickshire
Samuel Passam, Grandson, 4, Newton Regis

40. William N. Russell, 40, Shoeing Smith (B), Gloucestershire
Louisa Russell, Wife, 38, Birmingham
William N. Russell, Son, 12, Agricultural Labourer (Boy), Newton Regis
Caroline Russell, Daughter, 10, Scholar, Newton Regis
Henry S. Russell, Son, 8, Scholar, Newton Regis
Charles Russell, Son, 3, Scholar, Newton Regis

41. Charles Wood, 50, House Carpenter, Bradford, Yorkshire
Eliza Wood, Wife, 53, London, Middlesex
Jane Wood, Daughter, 20, Basket Maker, Droyesdon, Lancashire
Clara Wood, Daughter, 17, General Servant, Unemployed, Droyesdon, Lancashire
Emily Wood, Daughter, 13, Scholar, Liverpool, Lancashire

42. William Fisher, 6, Agricultural Labourer, Harleston, Staffordshire
Sarah Fisher, Wife, 68, Charwoman, Castle Bromwich, Warwickshire
Thomas Fisher, Son, 29, Carpenter, Newton Regis

43. James Balding, 26, Agricultural Labourer, Whitepit, Lincoln
Mary Balding, Wife, 24, Snittby, Lincoln
Alford Hutchinson, Boarder, 20, Agricultural Labourer, Harmston, Lincoln
George Hutchinson, Boarder, 17, Agricultural Labourer, Harmston, Lincoln

44. Enoch Stretton, 48, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Ann Stretton, Wife, 53, Newton Regis
Joseph Stretton, Son, 24, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
John Stretton, Son, 18, Agricultural Labourer , Newton Regis

45. Thomas Riley, 31, Shoemaker, Austrey
Ann Riley, Wife, 40, Newton Regis
Thomas G. Harrison, Son, 7, Newton Regis
Sarah A. Harrison, Daughter, 3, Newton Regis

46. Charles Bircher , 27, Bricklayer, Austrey
Mary J. Bircher, Wife, 25, Warton
Arthur Bircher, Brother, 10, Scholar, Austrey

47. Reuben Burdett, Widow, 60, Agricultural Labourer, Naseby, Northamptonshire
Arthur Burdett, Son, 22, Agricultural Labourer, Naseby, Northamptonshire
Jonas Burdett, Son, 17, Agricultural Labourer, Naseby, Northamptonshire

48. George Stretton, 61, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Ann Stretton, Wife, 63, Agricultural Labourer, Middleton, Warwickshire

49. Thomas Gladwin, 55, Agricultural Labourer, Dorsington, Gloucestershire
Emma Gladwin, Wife, 52, Yardley, Worcestershire
Alice H. Gladwin, Daughter, 12, Newton Regis
Emma Gladwin, Daughter, 20, General Servant (Unemployed), Elmdon

50. Henry Riley, 36, Agricultural Labourer, Seckington
Sarah Riley, Wife, 36, Newton Regis
George H. Riley, Son, 13, Agricultural Labourer (Boy), Repton, Derbyshire
Ann Riley, Daughter, 11, Scholar, Repton
Arthur Riley, Son, 7, Scholar, Newton Regis
Thomas Riley, Son, 5, Scholar, Newton Regis
Sarah J. Riley, Daughter, 2, Newton Regis
Fred. Riley, Son, Newton Regis

51. Abraham Bates, 31, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Mary Bates, Wife, 31, Agricultural Work, Nomans Heath
George Bates, 5, Scholar, Newton Regis

52. Joseph Aucote, 36, Agricultural Labourer, Seckington
Maria Aucote, Wife, 29, Shuttington
Emily Aucote, Daughter, 8, Scholar, Seckington
Mary A. Aucote, Daughter, 6, Scholar, Newton Regis
William Aucote, Son, 3, Newton Regis
Thomas Aucote, Son, 1, Newton Regis

53. James Kent, 78, Alrewas, Staffordshire
Alice Kent, Wife, 77, Out A M...ton, Externally (General Agricultural Labourer), Netherseal

54. John Cope, 67, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Hannah Cope, Wife, 60, Dressmaker, Merivale, Warwickshire
Fanny Cope, Daughter, 22, Schoolmistress, Newton Regis
Edward J. Cope, Grandson, 7, Scholar, Newton Regis

55. Elizabeth Briscoe, Windower, 73, Stocking Knitter, Nailstone, Leicestershire

56. William Riley , 65, Farmer, 38 Ct 1 Man & 1 Boy, Nailstone, Leicestershire
Elizabeth Riley, 54, Farmers Wife, Tamworth
Frederick J. Riley, Son, 11, Scholar, Newton Regis
Alice Neale, 20, General Domestic Servant, Wolverhampton, Staffordshire

57. William Groak, 34, Licenced Victualler , Denton, Lincoln
Annie Groak, Wife, 37, Clifton Campville, Staffordshire
Charles W. Groak, Son, 5, Scholar, Nomans Heath
Alice Leavesley, Servant, 17, General Servant, Nomans Heath

58. Thomas Marshall, 51, Blacksmith, Norton, Leicestershire
Phoebe Marshall, Wife, 65, Morley, Derbyshire
Constance Marshall, Daughter, 20, Newton Regis
William Winter, Traveller, 21, Blacksmith (Journeyman), Appleby Magna

59. John Boydell, 50, Agricultural Labourer, Clifton Campville, Staffordshire
Elizabeth Boydell, Wife, 42, Newton Regis
Mary Boydell, Daughter, 14, Newton Regis
Kate H. Boydell, Granddaughter, 3, Newton Regis
Sarah Heath, Mother in Law, Windower, 83 (Pauper), Newton Regis
David Roulstow , Lodger, 42 Agricultural Labourer & Pensioner, Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire

60. Abraham Bradford, 37, Groom & Gardener (Dom), Newton Regis
Louisa Bradford, Wife, 35, Washerwoman (Assistant), Haunton, Staffordshire
Drusilla A. Bradford, Daughter, 11, Scholar, Newton Regis
John Bradford, Son, 9, Scholar, Newton Regis
Isaac Bradford, Son, 6, Scholar, Newton Regis

61. Henry Collins, Servant, 39, Farm Bailiff, Shenstone, Staffordshire
Martha Faulkner, Servant, 22, Servant (Cook), Austrey
Ann Iliffe, 20, General Servant, Newton Regis

62. Emmanuel Thompson, 31, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Ruth Thompson, Wife, 27, Warton
Ruth E. Thompson, Daughter, 3, Scholar, Newton Regis
Louisa Thompson, Daughter, 1, Newton Regis

63. Thomas Manley, 38, Agricultural Labourer, Hemyock, Devon
Mary A. Manley, Wife, 33, Any (Washerwoman), Hemyock, Devon
Elizabeth J. Manley, Daughter, 11, Scholar, Devon
John Manley, Son, 10, Scholar, Devon
Emily Manley, Daughter, 8, Scholar, est Coombe, Somerset
Annie Manley, Daughter, 4, Scholar, Newton Regis
Louisa Manley, Daughter, 1, Newton Regis

64. Martha Bates, Windower, 76, Shopkeeper (Grocer), Amington

65. John Ward, 68, Agricultural Labourer, Netherseal, Derbyshire
Elizabeth Ward, Wife, 75, Warton
Martha Dale, Daughter, Windower, 35, Newton Regis
Elizabeth Dale , Granddaughter , 1, Sutton In The Elms
Sarah J. Dale, Granddaughter, 10, Scholar, Stoney Thorpe
Susan Dale, Granddaughter, 1, Newton Regis

66. John Riley, 39, Agricultural Labourer, Seckington
Jane Riley, Wife, 39, Newton Regis
Selina Riley, Daughter, 13, Scholar, Seckington
Harry Riley, Son, 11, Agricultural Labourer (Boy) Seckington
George Riley, Son, 9, Scholar, Newton Regis
Sarah Riley, Daughter, 6, Scholar, Austrey
Charles Riley, Son, 4, Scholar, Newton Regis
William Riley, Son, 2, Newton Regis
Mary Riley, Daughter, 1, Newton Regis

67. George Cope, 44, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Edith Cope, Daughter, 9, Scholar, Newton Regis


69. John Jordan, 35, Agricultural Labourer, Whittington, Staffordshire
Mary Jordan, Wife, 33, Findern, Derbyshire
Sarah A. Jordan, Daughter, 11, Scholar Seckington
John Jordan, Son, 10, Scholar, Seckington
George Jordan, Son, 6, Scholar, Seckington
William Jordan, Son, 5, Scholar, Seckington
Mary Jordan, Daughter, 4, Scholar, Seckington
Lydia Jordan, Daughter, 2, Newton Regis
Fanny Jordan, Daughter, Newton Regis

70. John Leavesley, 63, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Caroline Leavesley, Wife, 60, Charwoman, Appleby
Emma Leavesley, Daughter, 12, Newton Regis

71. William Pegg, 40, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Eliza Glover, Sister, Married, 35, Housekeeper, Newton Regis
Samuel Pegg, 34, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
William Heaton, Lodger, 24, Agricultural Labourer, Crewe, Cheshire


72. Samuel Bates, Son, 49, Pauper, Polesworth
Frederick Cleaver, Grandson, 8, Scholar, Newton Regis

73. James Glover, 38, Boot And Shoe Maker, Newton Regis
Elizabeth Glover, Sister, 3,6 Housekeeper (Dom), Newton Regis
Emily E. Glover, Niece, 5, Scholar, Newton Regis

74. James Leavesley, 59, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Elizabeth Leavesley, Wife, 60, Burbage, Leicestershire

75. William Cope, 48, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Mary Cope, Wife, 46, Dressmaker, Seckington
Catherine Cope, Daughter, 18, General Servant (Unemployed), Newton Regis
Robert Cope, Son, 12, Agricultural Labourer (Boy), Newton Regis
Ellen Cope, Daughter, 10, Scholar, Newton Regis
Alfred Cope, Son, 7, Scholar, Newton Regis
Livinia Cope, Daughter, 5, Scholar, Newton Regis
Agnes Cope, 3, Scholar, Newton Regis

76. Henry Ward, 41, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Elizabeth Ward, Wife, 40, Shuttington
John Ward, Son, 12, Agricultural Labourer (Boy), Newton Regis
Charles H. Ward, Son, 8, Scholar, Newton Regis
Arthur Ward, Son, 6, Scholar, Newton Regis
Ada Ward, Daughter, 2, Newton Regis
Not Named Ward, Son, Newton Regis

77. James Pratt, 77, Agricultural Worker, Oakley, Staffordshire
Eliza Pratt, Wife, 73, Agricultural Labourer, (Dom), Newton Regis

78. Joseph Roberts, 30, Coal Miner, Lichfield, Staffordshire
Elizabeth Roberts, Wife, 28, Newton Regis
Benjamin Roberts, Son, 8, Scholar, Brownhills, Staffordshire
Joseph Roberts, Son, 7, Scholar, Brownhills
George Roberts, Son, 3, Scholar, Brownhills
Harriet Roberts, Daughter, 1, Newton Regis

79. Mary A. Pratt, Windower, 35, Agricultural Worker, Stretton In The Field
Lizzie Pratt, 9, Scholar, Newton Regis

80. William Davies, 38, Agricultural Labourer (Unemployed), Rothersthorpe, Northamptonshire
Mary Davies, Wife, 31, Newton Regis
Ellen Davies, Daughter, 11, Scholar, Newton Regis
Joseph Davies, Son, 6, Scholar, Newton Regis
Ann Davies, Daughter, 4, Scholar, Newton Regis
Lilian Davies, Daughter, 2, Newton Regis

81. John Cope, 42, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Mary Cope, Wife, 40, Charwoman, Polesworth, Warwickshire
Thomas Cope, Son, 19, Coal Miner, Newton Regis
William Cope, Son, 18, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
George Cope, Son, 15, Wheelwrights Apprentice, Newton Regis
Henry Cope, Son, 13, Agricultural Labourer (Boy), Newton Regis
Lydia Cope, Daughter, 11, Newton Regis
Arthur Cope, Son, 7, Scholar, Newton Regis
John Cope, Son, 4, Scholar, Newton Regis
Frederick Cope, Son, 2, Newton Regis

82. Reuben Thomason, Widow, 52, Irrigator & Drainer (Land), Chedleton, Staffordshire

83. William Cope, Widow, 80, “Income From Sick Club”, Newton Regis
Charlotte Bryant, Daughter, Married, 40, Newton Regis
Edith A. Bryant, Granddaughter, 8, Scholar, Horn... , Alcester, Staffordshire

84. Henry Nichols, 58, Blacksmith, Walsall, Staffordshire
Sarah Nichols, Wife, 55, Walton, Staffordshire
Harriet A. Nichols, Daughter, 26, Dressmaker, Newton Regis
Thomas Bannister, 16, Blacksmith (Apprentice), Branstone, Leicestershire

85. Joseph Orton, 29, Groom (D), Austrey
Eliza Orton, Wife, 32, Haunton, Staffordshire
Frank Orton, Son, 3, Newton Regis
John Weston, Lodger, Groom (D), Snarestone
John Boulton, Lodger, 21, Groom (D), Appleby Magna

86. Isaac Hudson, 32, Carpenter & Wheelwright, Shuttington
Clara Hudson, Wife, 34, Newton Regis
Mary J. Hudson, Daughter, 7, Scholar, Church Gresley, Derbyshire
Susanna Hudson, Daughter, 3, Scholar, Church Gresley, Derbyshire
Isaac J. Hudson, Son, 1, Newton Regis
Anne S. Hudson, Daughter, Newton Regis
James S. Hudson, Son, Newton Regis

87. Sarah Haywood, Windower, 82, Income From Rents, Anbury, Staffordshire
Theodosia Haywood, Daughter, 35, Income From Rents, Newton Regis

88. Henry Wood, 48, Agricultural Labourer, Measham
Sarah Wood, Wife, 53, Newton Regis
William Wood, Son, 25, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Enoch Wood, Son, 23, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Ernest Wood, Son, 14, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Lizzie Wood, Daughter, 12, Newton Regis
Harriet Wood, Daughter, 9, Scholar, Newton Regis
Frederick Wood, Son, 8, Scholar, Newton Regis
George Wood, Grandson, 7, Scholar, Newton Regis

89. John Roulston, 52, Shepherd, Cotgrave, Nottinghamshire
Hannah Roulston, Wife, 64, Thorne, Yorkshire
Eleanor Roulston, Daughter, 18, Newton Regis
Edith Burdett, Lodger, 10, Scholar, Newton Regis

90. John Bennett, 45, Agricultural Labourer, Swinford, Leicestershire
Maria Bennett, Wife, 35, Naseby, Northamptonshire
John Bennett, Son, 16, Agricultural Labourer, Naseby, Northamptonshire
William Bennett, Son, 12, Agricultural Labourer (Boy), Newton Regis
Denis Bennett, Son, 11, Agricultural Labourer (Boy), Newton Regis
Walter Bennett, Son, 6, Scholar, Newton Regis
Maria Bennett, Daughter, 4, Scholar, Newton Regis
Job Bennett, Son, 2, Newton Regis

91. Joseph Smith, 45, Brewer, Hereford
Mary Smith, Wife, 40, Laundress, Little Witley, Worcestershire
Alice Smith, Daughter, 13, General Servant (Unemployed), Newton Regis
Fanny Smith, Daughter, 11, Scholar, Newton Regis
Emily Smith, Daughter, 10, Scholar, Newton Regis
Francis Smith, Son, 8, Scholar, Newton Regis

92. Thomas Ward, 43, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Elizabeth Ward, Wife, 39, Newton Regis
Thomas Ward, Son, 11, Agricultural Labourer (Boy), Newton Regis
John Ward, Son, 8, Scholar, Newton Regis
Earnest Ward, Son, 5, Scholar, Newton Regis
Herbert Ward, Son, 1, Newton Regis

93. Isaac Gilbert, 34, Shepherd, Monmouth, Wales
Susanna Gilbert, Wife, 35, Monmouth Wales
William Jaques, Lodger, 14, Agricultural Labourer, Marston, Warwickshire

94. Francis K. (The Rev.) Jefferson, 42, Incumbent, Shrewsbury St Mary The Virgin
Eleanor E. Jefferson, Mother, Windower, 72, Shrewsbury, No Mans Heath, Shropshire
Laura U. Jefferson, Sister, 39, Montgomeryshire, Wales
Sarah Warren, Servant, 16, General Servant (Domestic), Barby, Northamptonshire
Mary Haywood , Servant, 14, General Servant (Domestic), Chilcote,

95. Thomas Spencer, 60, Agricultural Labourer, Appleby Magna
Emma Spencer, Wife, 56, Oakthorpe, Derbyshire
Fanny Spencer, Daughter, 20, General Servant, Oakthorpe, Derbyshire
Emma Spencer, Daughter, 16, General Servant, Appleby Magna
Tom Spencer, Son, 13, Scholar, Appleby Magna

96. Joseph Brooks, 50, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Alice Brooks, Wife, 43, Agricultural Worker (Wom), Colton, Staffordshire
Edith Brooks, Daughter, 11, Scholar, Newton Regis

97. William Brooks, 59, Coal Drawer (Miner), Newton Regis
Anne Brooks, Wife, 59, Dressmaker, Appleby Magna

98. William Brooks, Widow, 81, Newton Regis

99. Joseph Black, 51, Agricultural Labourer, Shuttington
Mary A. Black, Wife, 50, Agricultural Labourer (Wom), Appleby Magna

100. Robert Bowman, 35, General Dealer (Cattle), Appleby Magna
Elizabeth Bowman, Wife, 33, Newton Regis
Mary Bowman, Daughter, 9, Scholar, Newton Regis
Ellen Bowman, Daughter, 7, Scholar, Newton Regis
John Bowman, Son, 5, Newton Regis

101. Robert Riley, 40, Agricultural Labourer, Seckington
Elizabeth Riley, Wife, 30, Hampshire
Robert R. Riley, Son, 9, Scholar, Hampshire
Mary A. Riley, Daughter, 5, Newton Regis
Catherine Riley, Daughter, 2, Derbyshire
Edwin Riley, Son, Newton Regis

102. Elizabeth Shakespeare, 42, Dressmaker, Norton, Leicestershire
Agnes C. Shakespeare, Daughter, 14, Nomans Heath
Robert Shakespeare, Son, 11, Scholar, Nomans Heath
Mary E. Shakespeare, Daughter, 7, Scholar, Nomans Heath
Walter Shakespeare, Son, 4, Nomans Heath
Francis B. Shakespeare, Son, 2, Nomans Heath


103. William Horton, 30, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Emma Horton, Wife, 28, Fillongley
Edward Horton, Son, 6, Scholar, Ansley Heath
Charley Horton, Son, 2, Nomans Heath
Fanny Horton, Daughter, Nomans Heath

104. James Grice, 29, Agricultural Labourer, Newton Regis
Mary Grice, Wife, 28, Birmingham
Thomas Grice, Son, 6, Scholar, Nomans Heath
Mary Grice, Daughter, 5, Nomans Heath
James Grice, Son, Nomans Heath

105. William Mellor, Widow, 67, Farmer (Self, 6 Acres), Yoxall, Staffordshire

106. Thomas Flannagan, 37, Agricultural Labourer, Kildare, Ireland
Emily Flannagan, Wife, Married, 33, Nomans Heath
Lily Flannagan, Daughter, 5, Scholar, Nomans Heath
Agnes Flannagan, Daughter, 4, Nomans Heath
Thomas Flannagan, Son, 2, Nomans Heath
Peter J. Flannagan, Son, Newton Regis

107. James Orton, 70, Agricultural Labourer (Not At Work, Ill), Shuttington
Elizabeth Orton, Wife, 78, Kirby Mallory, Leicestershire
Louisa Orton, Daughter, 45, Shuttington

108. Thomas Grice, 68, Blacksmith, Newton Regis
Mary Grice, Wife, 70, Austrey
Clara Grice, Granddaughter, 15, Nomans Heath
Edith Cope, Daughter, 9, Scholar, Newton

Original Research by Alan Roberts

Source: Census Returns of England and Wales, 1881, National Archives of the UK (TNA), Kew, London

Crown Copyright: Information taken from the 1881 Census may be re-used under the terms of the Open Government Licence (OGL) The OGL is a free licence developed to enable freer use of government information and public sector information without the need for formal agreements or any registration transaction, This licence takes the form of a simple set of terms and conditions for re-use and can be viewed at The National Archives

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