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I was contracted to support a 100 user Microsoft Access and SQL Server online system that was experiencing performance problems. I was able to deal with the performance problems and stabilise the system and then support the ongoing development and programming of the system which had grown rapidly from 3 original users and deal with a fast moving commercial and regulatory environment including changes to VAT rates and terms and conditions of trade supporting a mobile workforce of up to 250 sales staff. I adopted an agile systems approach implementing working software on average 3 times a week. The client Access code was a compiled database containing upwards of 1000 objects which ran on 75+ VMware Blade instances of Windows XP along with several standalone Windows XP / Access 2003 / 2007 PCs. I coded using Access VBA, Jet SQL and SQL Server T-SQL and was able to port several underperforming Access queries to the SQL Server backend.