Asda Dave

Although I am David Martin Tallett I have always gone by the name Martin. However when I worked at Asda I went by the name Dave. Strange as it may seem this was my bosses idea, and it works a treat! The problem was that everything is systems based at Asda and people were always looking at their computer screens for the name David Tallett and not finding it so I felt I was being overlooked for work.

When you apply for a job the online application form asks for First Name and Last Name so I started off as David in my job interviews. For the first interview I tried to correct Karen but on the second occasion when I was interviewed by Maureen I gave up!

There is also a health and safety implication - if I was in a road accident and perhaps unconcious I want the paramedics to get the right name. The NHS have always known me as David and so have HMRC and most Government departments that I have ever had dealings with. Most importantly my passport and the electoral register used by credit reference agencies and employment agencies as a first reference point have me as David.

Nowadays the banks are fairly strict too. My Mum writes me cheques to Martin Tallett and bank refuses to cash them!

Online just call me Dave (Tallett)